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Prime Press works with influencers, entrepreneurs, and high-level consultants who have a huge following on their niche, and we get them on major publications.
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Why you’re correct in investing in PR


Getting your achievements or your lifestyle featured on a renowned publication is something that you can benefit from for years and years. It literally outlasts advertising.


PR adds major credibility to your personality and your business, which gives your clients, sponsors, future rockstar employees, and would-be partners more confidence in investing in you.


Whether you need more users, more customers, more clients, more employees, or more capital, the right PR is a great tool to fuel growth.
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3 Most Common PR Mistakes

3 Most Common PR Mistakes

The PR (Public Relations) business may be easily defined as the business of making your client look good. Whether you’re doing PR for a product, a service or an organization, the end goal of your project is always “to make it look good”. Or look better.   My first...

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